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Genetic Engineering: Local Action Toolkit

July 19, 2006 Web Note:

This is an excellent resource put together by the folks at (Genetic Engineering Action Network) GEAN.  Pasted directly below is the table of contents from the toolkit site. _______________________________________

The Local Organizing Toolkit

The toolkit consists of: an introduction, acknowledgements, table of contents, and eight chapters. At the end of chapters 2, 5, 6, and 8 are sample materials to be downloaded separately.

All documents are in pdf format.

Download the Entire Toolkit

Introduction and Acknowledgements

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Develop a Local Group

Chapter 2: Develop a Campaign Plan

Attachment: Strategy Development Charts

Chapter 3: Get Media Coverage

Chapter 4: Local Fundraising and Special Events

Chapter 5: Local Resolutions

Attachment: GE-Free Zones Literature

Attachment: VT Town Resolution Literature

Chapter 6: rBGH-Free Dairies

Attachment: rBGH Brochure

Attachment: Health Care Without Harm Position on rBGH

Attachment: rBGH Powerpoint Presentation

Chapter 7: GM-Free Schools

Attachment: Sample Petition

Chapter 8: GE-Free Farmers Markets

Attachment: GE-Free Graphic for Stall

Attachment: Literature for Consumers

Genetic Engineering Action Network News:

1. Local Organizing Toolkit Released on GEAN's website
2. GEAN Conference Planning

1. Local Organizing Toolkit Released on GEAN's website

The Local Organizing Toolkit, compiled by the Genetic Engineering Action Network (GEAN) is now available at The Local Organizing Toolkit is a compilation of materials that can help individuals develop local groups; help established grassroots groups take on winnable, strategic campaigns; and bring together materials that will support the local efforts in communities throughout the United States.

The Local Organizing Toolkit consists of an introduction, acknowledgements, table of contents, and eight chapters: Develop a Local Group, Develop a Campaign Plan, Get Media Coverage, Local Fundraising and Special Events, Local Resolutions, rBGH-Free Dairies, GM-Free Schools, and GE-Free Farmers Markets.

Please note that GEAN affiliates are a diverse collection of organizations, and the statements and materials presented in this toolkit do not necessarily reflect those of all of GEAN's affiliate organizations. For a list of GEAN affiliates visit

Check out the Local Organizing Toolkit! Visit


3. GEAN Conference: What are your ideas about a conference on genetic engineering?

We are planning for future GEAN Conferences and your ideas are welcome. Would you like to see a GEAN Conference in the region of the country that you live in? Do you know of volunteers that would want to work with GEAN to organize a conference to their city? What do you think should happen at a GEAN Conference?

Please send along ideas to Stephanie Weisenbach, GEAN National Coordinator, at by July 31.

The Genetic Engineering Action Network (GEAN) seeks to support and further the work of those organizations and individuals working to address the risks to the environment, biodiversity and human health, as well as the socioeconomic and ethical consequences of genetic engineering.

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