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Glenn Greenwald: How Many Lives Will Be Lost Because of 'Irrational' COVID Policies?

American journalist Glenn Greenwald said in a new video,“It is now extremely common in Western democracies for large factions of citizens to demand that any measures undertaken to prevent COVID deaths are vital, regardless of the costs imposed by those policies.”

American journalist Glenn Greenwald in a new videodescribes what he says is the “bizarre refusal” to apply proper cost-benefit analysis when it comes to COVID-related debates and policy.

There’s an “extremely irrational” component to the debates around COVID, said Greenwald. He used the analogy that while deaths from car accidents are the leading cause of death worldwide for people under 50, no one is advocating for a ban on cars or significantly reduced speed limits, even though those policies would save countless lives.

Why not? Because we apply a cost-benefit analysis, Greenwald suggested.