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Global GMO-Free Coalition Launches with 4.5 Million Members

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The Global GMO Free Coalition brings together 60 groups across six continents with over 4.5 million members - all committed to fighting GMO / biotech industry propaganda. Meanwhile Russia is leading the way to GMO freedom ...  

The Global GMO Free Coalition (GGFC), with over 60 partner organizations, launched today as the first globally coordinated network to take on the genetically modified food and crop industry head on in both the media and in public and government advocacy areas.

The aim of the coalition is to cut through Biotech industry propaganda and to provide independent information that leads to responsible actions from food regulatory bodies in countries worldwide. Henry Rowlands, the Global GMO Free Coalition Coordinator, said:

"The problem with GMOs and their associated pesticides is that they were never independently tested before being released into the environment. Consumers and independent scientists are seriously concerned about the possible harm they are doing to both the environment and human health."

A global problem needs a global solution

Coalition partners are from countries around the world, including the US, UK, Russia, Iran, Chile, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, New Caledonia, Ghana, Georgia and Ireland.

It will provide journalists and governments worldwide with a serious and well-respected source of independent information, and coordinate expert speakers to attend public and private events around the world.

"This is a global issue that deserves a global approach", explained Rowlands. "The GMO industry is attempting to take over the world's food supply with untested, harmful products and we will not let this happen. We invite more organizations from around the world to join us."

Iván Santandreu, Co-Founder of Chile sin Transgénicos, added: "In a globalized world it's important to address this important issue from a global perspective, it's important to join efforts from every country in the world; together we will make a difference."    

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