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GM - Great Mystery

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 "Come over to my side of the argument - the view is always so clear from here." - Ashleigh Brilliant.

Whenever we read an article about how safe GM (genetically modified) foods are, we can be sure that it was written by someone closely associated with the GM industry. They are out to convince us that their products are completely safe and there's no reason for concern. This is a perfect example of how various facets of the food industry try to convince us that there is no harm - only good - to come from their experimenting with our food. But many well-qualified scientists who are not connected to the industry will tell us otherwise.

The most important reason that we need to avoid GM foods is because there is absolutely no way that anyone knows what the long-term effects that such products may have on human health and the environment. And there are many more reasons that such foods should be labeled or preferably banned. First, I'll offer some compelling facts that Mol-Wan Ho and Lim Li Ching list in their book, "GMO Free."

"GM crops are unacceptable because they are by no means safe. They have been introduced without the necessary safeguards and safety assessments through a deeply flawed regulatory system based on a principle of 'substantial equivalence' that is aimed at expediting product approval rather than serious safety assessment.

"GM crops have failed to deliver the promised benefits and are posing escalating problems on the farm. Transgenic contamination is now widely acknowledged to be unavoidable and hence there can be no coexistence of GM and non-GM agriculture. Most important of all,   sufficient evidence has emerged to raise serious safety concerns that, if ignored, could result in irreversible damage to health and the environment. GM crops should be firmly rejected now.

"By far the most insidious dangers of genetic engineering are inherent in the process itself which greatly enhances the scope and probability of horizontal gene transfer and recombination, the main route to creating viruses and bacteria that cause disease epidemics."      
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