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GMO Cops: Biotech Giant Hires Former Cops to 'Enforce'

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A new private force of former police officers which I have dubbed ' GMO Cops' will now be hunting down any farmer who is replanting biotech giant DuPont's GM seeds to save their failing genetically modified harvest. That's right, they're literally seeking farmers who replant Roundup Ready soybeans who are in violation of DuPont's patent. And as the second largest seed company in the world (second only to Monsanto), DuPont is hiring dozens of former cops and sending them across the entire continent of North America to track down farmers who haven't paid up.

GMO Cops or The GMO Mafia?

Another term to describe these individuals may also be the ' GMO Mafia'. Literally sent to 'protect sales' and essentially shake down struggling farmers who may actually be replanting DuPont's 'patented seeds' without paying the company in licensing fees, the GMO Cop Mafia's mission statement is to ensure that " illegal beans" do not get planted. After all, if a farmer were able to replant these beans, then it may slightly make up for the horrible yields produced from the crops. The same yields that have been a major factor - if not the factor - in over a quarter of a million farmer suicides.

Farmers who lost everything after signing on to deceptive deals with the likes of Monsanto and other biotech companies.

The GMO Cops Mafia news also comes literally just 24 hours after it was revealed that GM cotton crops fell by at least 40% according to mainstream government reports. Similar news has been making the headlines about GM corn, which is being absolutely ravaged by heavily 'mutated' rootworms that are resistant to the pesticide-producing capabilities of the GMO crops. Pesticide producing GMOs that ultimately end up in your stomach. 
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