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GMO Free Humboldt County, CA Seeks Biotech Ban

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BAYSIDE - The GMO Free Humboldt grassroots organization of local consumers, farmers and concerned individuals met last Wednesday at the Bayside Grange to construct a ban on the growth of genetically modified organisms in Humboldt County.

Unlike the recent Proposition 37, which sought to label all genetically modified produce and other goods already available to consumers, the GMO Free Humboldt ban would prevent these crops and other organisms from being grown or produced within the county.

About 70 attendees from Arcata, Eureka, Garberville and other parts of Humboldt appeared at the meeting and signed up to volunteer their time to prepare the ban wording for submission to the county.

Small groups formed to develop the language and talking points of the ban itself, as well as outreach and education to both organic and non-organic farmers, influential stakeholders and other interested members of the community.

The two-hour meeting whipped by with passionate input from families, farmers and local business representatives, all eager to voice their concerns and offer their time to get the ball rolling.

One young mother with an even younger baby boy took the time to alert the group of an up-and-coming Moms Across America march against Humboldt GMOs in Ferndale and an Arcata Co-op representative gathered contact from members to further develop an outreach network.

The grassroots movement is in its early stages and developing fast with an open invitation to all Humboldt locals interested in participating.
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