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As a GMO Stunt, Professor Tasted Pesticide and Gave It to Students

Imagine you are an undergraduate attending an Ivy League university. You go to a routine department seminar. In the middle of his presentation the professor picks up a container from the lectern. He says it contains a pesticide. As he opens it, a faint cloud of brown powder rises from the tub. It is, says he, “very safe”. Then he digs his finger into the container and tastes some of the contents. He offers it to a man in the front row, who twice refuses it. Walking back to the centre of the room, the professor looks towards you and pushes the container in your direction.

Apparently he wants you to join him in eating pesticide. What should you do?

This scene does not need to be imagined. Here is the clip:

It occurred at a Cornell University department seminar titled: “Biotechnology Is Helping Resource Poor Eggplant Farmers in Bangladesh–So why is GMWatch Against It?” that took place in March, 2019.

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