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The Godfather of California Organics Is Optimistic About the Future of Food

After selling his legendary Star Route farms for $10 million to the University of San Francisco last year, Warren Weber is ready for his next gig.

If you’re a farm nerd like me, Warren Weber is something of a rock star. Weber, now 77 and semi-retired after decades of organic farming in California, doesn’t remember me fawning over him more than 15 years ago as I made a cross-country pilgrimage to visit his jewel-like Star Route Farms, the oldest organic farm in the state, nestled in the tiny, oceanside town of Bolinas, California.

But for me, and many people, Weber—who founded the farm in 1974, and a year before helped craft the state’s first organic certification standards—defines the history of organic farming in California. His commitment to sustainable practices, and his involvement in organizations such as California Certified Organic Farmers(CCOF), the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF), Marin Organic, and the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT), make him a hero to many.

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