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Good News: Huge Victories Achieved Against GMOs, Big Pharma, Animal Cruelty

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More and more, our collective activism is reshaping the world economy to punish criminal corporations and demand transparency on topics like GMOs, drug patents, animal cruelty and more. And we are winning on every front!

This past week saw a flurry of news where big corporations like Merck and Monsanto were handed groundbreaking defeats thanks to consumer activism.

Here are the highlights:

Tyson Foods to halt purchase of cows raised with Zilmax

 Tyson Foods, the country's largest purchaser of beef, announced it would stop buying beef from cows raised on Zilmax, the "animal cruelty" drug that makes cows so heavy they can't walk on their own, forcing slaughterhouse workers to drag the cows to their own deaths.

Zilmax has been highly criticized by animal welfare activists, and massive boycotts were already being planned that could have cost Tyson tens of millions of dollars in profits. Tyson smartly pre-empted the planned boycotts by abandoning Zilmax.

See this Merck propaganda video from 2011 where Merck's marketing manager for Zilmax, a sinister drug dealer named Mitch Johnson, touts the "extra profit" ranchers can make by pumping their cows full of cruel drugs:     
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