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Good News in Nevada on Health Freedom

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Good News In Nevada

AB289 (Dietitian Licensing Bill) was successfully amended

SB412 (Complementary Integrative Medicine Bill) did not move out of Committee.

Thank you to Nevada Assemblyman John C. Ellison for advocating for a last minute successful health freedom amendment that makes it clear that the Nevada Dietitian licensing bill AB289 will not apply to a person "who furnishes nutrition information, provides recommendations or advice concerning nutrition, or markets food, food materials or dietary supplements and provides nutrition information, recommendations or advice related to that marketing, if the person does not represent that he or she is a licensed dietitian or registered dietitian .".

On May 30 th, AB289 passed both House and Senate and was enrolled. (Click Here to read the enrolled bill) The health freedom amendment was an important addition in the last committee. Assemblyman Ellison and his staff as well as Committee Chair Senator Schneider deserve congratulations on their work to listen to citizen concerns to the fast moving bill and find and accept a solution that would preserve and protect consumer access to so many nutrition practitioners who are currently practicing in the public domain and who do not intend to become Dietitians. Especially citizen Jim Jenks, herbalist and coordinator of Nevada Sunshine Health Freedom Foundation and Citizen Debbie Pawelek, owner of a local health food store, deserve our deepest thanks for their important lobbying and educational efforts on behalf of health freedom.