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Government-Funded Institutions Have Been Hiding GMO Facts for Years, but Who Is Lying to Who?

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While Monsanto and other Big Ag and Big Pharma giants have been telling us GMO food is safe, quoting countless industry-backed studies on the efficacy of their food production via biotech science model, the lies they have been telling us are reaching epic proportions. In the meantime, they continue to accuse anti-GM activists of doing the same.

Take for example, the allegations of Piero Morandini of the University of Milan, who, way back in 2005, found that GM maize contained 100 times less fumonisin per kilogram than in conventional crops, supposedly far less than its makers were telling government agencies. In his findings, GM maize contained less of this fungal toxin notorious for causing Spina Bifida. These field trials would have been a favorable review of GM crops. Were they suppressed?

Fumonisins (FB) are mycotxoins which already infect corn and other grains in the world, but which are used by biotech companies to try to make crops impervious to pests. The food and agricultural industries already lose millions due to mycotoxins annually, but they have now been bred into our food supply with Bt crops - and Round Up Ready Chemicals.

"Because FB may have acute and chronic effects, we hypothesize that even in the absence of debilitating acutely toxic amounts of FB in the swine diet, sustained exposure to small concentrations may negatively affect herd health and production efficiency." (

The institute which was supposed to conduct unbiased studies on the GM maize crop was none other than the government-funded National Institute for Research on Food, a part of the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization. This same organization is responsible for an anti-GMO report published at that very clearly explains numerous problems with GM food.     
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