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Governor Hopefuls Urge Investigations

Three major-party gubernatorial candidates called Thursday for an aggressive investigation into the causes of cancer that occurs in some Delaware communities above the state average.

The rare lineup put more pressure on the Minner administration to step up its response to the recent discovery of eight cancer clusters across the state. Gov. Ruth Ann Minner and legislators have said they can't afford a multimillion-dollar study in a tight budget year.

Lt. Gov. John Carney touched off the round of statements with an announcement that he supports a multiyear, statewide "body burden" study that would help estimate levels of toxins in state residents, as well as in the environment.

Carney, a Democratic candidate for governor, said follow-up research would help identify sources of air and water contamination and levels of human exposure to cancer-causing pollutants, while also assisting efforts to fight asthma and heart disease. Read More
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