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The Great Climate Greenwash: Global Meat Giant JBS’ Emissions Leap by 51% In Five Years

IATP’s new emissions estimates for JBS — the world’s largest meat processor — find that the Brazil-based company increased its emissions by 51% in five years. Together with DeSmog and Feedback, IATP released the findings in our joint media briefing on the eve of JBS’s annual general meeting (AGM). One year ago, JBS pledged to reach net zero emissions by 2040, through emission reductions in their operations and by offsetting all remaining residual emissions. Instead, according to IATP’s estimates, JBS’s emissions rose substantially from 280.2 mmt in 2016 to 421.6 million metric tonnes (mmt) in 2021. The company’s unchecked global expansion has resulted in a substantial increase of animals in its supply chain: the number of cattle increased by 54%, pigs by 67% and chickens by 40%. Animals make up 90-97% of industrial livestock companies’ emissions.  

Drawing from JBS reports, investor presentations and industry sources, we found that in 2021, JBS processed 26.8 million cattle, 46.7 million pigs and 4.9 billion chickens.