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The Great Reset and the Doctrine of Domination: A Conversation With Steven Newcomb

I want to share the interview I recently did with Steven Newcomb (well not so recently but it took me forever to edit it). 

It’s a second interview I did with Steven. In the first one, we focused on his work and the Doctrine of Domination per se. In this one, we discuss today’s Great Reset, viewed through the linguistic tradition of Domination as it was applied to the original people of this land—and also touch upon the Holy Product and the censorship around it. 

It was an honor to interview Steven again, he truly is a brilliant intellectual and an impressive human being!  

Confession: I meant to post this interview alongside a giant article—but the article is taking me on its own journey, while the interview deserves a full spotlight. So I’ll send the giant philosophical article shortly, and in the meanwhile, please enjoy my long conversation with Steven.