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The Great Reset and the Myth of Progress: A Conversation With Paul Cudenec

This story is about my conversation with Paul Cudenec, a.k.a. Winter Oak. Paul is a great philosopher who has done spectacular work on the Great Reset and has written in depth about the monstrosity of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and various players involved in it.

The interview was recorded in June of this year. Due to the overall supersqueeze, it took me forever to post it (sorry Paul, I’ve been thinking about it all this time!) but it sounds as fresh today as it did in June. The conversation came out very sincere, endearing and kind of timeless. And here is Paul’s article about “development,” something we discussed in the interview.

In our conversation, we went deep into the philosophical woods and talked about facing the Machine, the myth of progress, and the ignoble ambition of “developing” humans in the name of money and power. We also talked about how profit-based decisions shape culture at large and change collective habits, perceptions, and assumptions.