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A Green Incubator Grows in Bethesda

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The Bethesda Green business incubator has added space donated by Capital One Bank and is seeking more startup and early-stage environmental companies to join the 11 companies and nonprofits at its downtown Bethesda location.

"We have room for at least two or three full-time occupants," said Dave Heffernan, a spokesman for the nonprofit that promotes green practices and sustainable economic growth. The incubator, which added 1,000 square feet to its previous 3,000 square feet, is upstairs from a Capital One branch in downtown Bethesda.

Executives with some of the occupants come to the incubator only one or two days a week. Others, such as Savenia Labs, an enviroscience company that uses a proprietary method to measure the environmental impact of popular consumer products, are there full-time.

Savenia was one of the incubator's first occupants when it opened in late 2009. Others include a rain barrel manufacturer, an organic food vending machine business, a dry steam vapor company and an energy cooperative.

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