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Greenpeace Sues Tortilla Giant Maseca for Lying to Mexican & North American Consumers About GE Corn

Web Note: Archer Daniels Midland is a major stockholder in the giant transnational tortilla company Maseca.

For untruthful advertising, Greenpeace México presented today a suit against Grupo Maseca before the Mexican Agency in charge to protect consumer's rights, the Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Profeco). This suit presents proof that Maseca violated the Mexican Federal Law of Protection of Consumers.

The Company's advertisement says its products are 100 percent natural, while Greenpeace proved with specialized laboratory testing that Maseca has genetically engineered (GE) corn, therefore the company cannot claim that its product are completely natural.

"While Maseca pushes a big advertisement campaign in the United States among Mexicans, back home Maseca is using GE corn to feed their families. Any company must not be allowed to lie, exaggerate or deceive with its advertisement, specially if this company produces the basic food for Mexicans (1)", said Areli Carreón, Greenpeace México Consumer's Campaigner.

"Everybody in Mexico eats tortillas. For Mexicans, at home and abroad, it is very important that our basic daily meal be guaranteed to be totally natural, free of unnatural and risky GE corn. The long term effects of GE corn on the public and on the environment are unknown. Mexicans would be very happy if the main corn flour producer could offer a GE free product, not only in the USA but primarily in Mexico, where our families are", said Carreón.

Mexican authorities must respond to this suit in the next 27 days. While the legal case moves on, Profeco could order the precautionary suspention of the company's advertisement. Maseca could face a bill of up to 1 million pesos and be forced to change its advertisement.

Note: 1. Seven out of ten tortillas sold in México are made with Maseca.

For more information in Spanish and English please contact
Cecilia Navarro
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Areli Carreón
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