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Hawaii's version of Proposition 37 (opinion)

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For several years now, Hawaii has been having hearings regarding the implementation of labeling GMOs. We have had Neighborhood Board meetings, Legislative hearings, and, of late, City Council hearings. Anything involving government officiality has always been lip service.

Recently, the City Council hearings have been exciting, although unproductive. That reason being that most of our City Council people are actually "hookers" for Monsanto, having accepted campaign contributions from them and not wanting to bite the hand that feeds them.

The last hearing was one for the books. Thirty people for labeling showed up to testify. None opposed. That in itself told us that the fix was in. All thirty testified passionately, including a 9-year-old boy. Also cited was the fact that Kaiser Permanente has come out publicly telling people not to eat GMOs.

The Council comments were unbelievable. Nestor Garcia asked why only 30 people showed up if it were so important, and if Kaiser said what they said how come they didn't show up to testify?

Then, Stanly Chang began receiving accolades for introducing a Bill to remove cigarette butts from the beach. Yet, when it came time to vote no against labeling GMOs, he could not raise his hand fast enough.

Their final vote was 3 in favor, 6 opposed.

While testimonies were going on, the Chairman - Ernie Martin - said that labeling should be handled on the Federal level. When it was my turn to testify I changed my testimony from the one I submitted, which is at the end of all this. I said that Councilman Chang is getting patted on the back for wanting to get cigarette butts off the beach, but when it comes to safeguarding the people from pesticide poisoning, cancer, birth defects, DNA damage, embryonic deaths, and other debilitating illnesses, you all could care less.
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