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The Hazardous Truth about Factory Farming

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Factory farms are increasingly biohazards-biological breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria and viruses.  Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)-informally known as "factory farms"-pollute our air, waterways, and bodies.  Poultry- and cattle-waste has devastating effects on waterways and often contribute to algae blooms.  CAFOs produce "waste lagoons" with high concentrations of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, among other harmful substances.  Joseph Mercola reports, "Animals and workers have died or become seriously ill in swine IFAP [Industrial Farm Animal Production] facilities when hydrogen sulfide has risen from agitated manure in pits under the building."

CAFOs are increasingly large, multiplying these negative effects.  According to Food & Water Watch's "Factory Farm Map," there are four factory-farmed chickens for every single American, and the number of cows on factory-farm dairies nearly doubled between 1997 and 2007.

Model Farm Project promotes alternatives to CAFOs.   In partnership with the World Society for the Protection of Animals and the Food Animal Initiative, the Model Farm Project aims "to establish an international network of viable, humane and sustainable model farms."
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