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Health Basics: The Label 'All Natural' Means Absolutely Nothing

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How many people don't read Natural News or research organic food and are falling for scams, right and left, thinking they are eating somewhat healthy food and avoiding cancer? We're not talking thousands or hundreds of thousands or even a million people; instead, we are talking about hundreds of millions of people who eat a little bit of cancer every day yet still say "everything in moderation." Little do they know!

There are simply no defined parameters in place in order for a manufacturer to claim any product is "all natural" because the FDA has no standard set. One typical misleading "all natural" product is the massively popular synthetic sweetener Splenda. The core ingredient, of course, is sucralose, which is just two letters "fatter" than sucrose (actual table sugar). Though the "starting point" for manufacturing Splenda is sucrose, the "natural" part is vaporized during the manufacturing process, and you can bet your mutated cells that, when it comes out of the laboratory, it's not what your body wants to try to break down.

Are you one of those millions of "natural" shoppers who buy "all natural" products and think you are doing it "right"? You are moderate about what you eat that's toxic, right? -- Just like they say, "Everything in moderation" -- Nope. Not anymore. Those were the "old days," when mom and pop grocery stores and street vendors carried fresh, untainted produce (like they still do in Europe) that REALLY WAS ALL NATURAL for your grandparents to buy, or your parents, and biotech hadn't taken over most of the major farms of the U.S. Midwest. Those were the old days before fluoridated tap water and giving kids 25 vaccines before the age of six. That was when "all natural" meant something.

Today, if you don't eat 70% raw organic vegetables and fruits, you could be in for a rude awakening. If you don't watch everything you eat and read every label on every item you buy, including those personal care items you put on your skin -- your largest organ -- well, then you could be in for bad news from your WITCH DOCTOR -- that allopathic, apathetic and often pathetic excuse to NOT WATCH what you eat, what you drink and what you put on your body. Biotech and the GMA, Grocery Manufactures Association, want GMOs to be labeled "all natural" -- didn't you hear? They're petitioning the FDA right now.

Do you know even the difference between all natural and organic? It's huge! Do you know the difference between "all natural" and GMO? Maybe there isn't one anymore. The research is right in front of your face, so open your eyes and stop buying cancer-causing foods. One in every three U.S. shoppers will get cancer this year? Will it be you?