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Health Scandal of the Decade – Monsanto’s GMO Perversion of Food

In the 2010 growing season Monsanto plans to unleash its latest Frankenfood experiment on the American and Canadian public, a new version of genetically mutated corn with eight abnormal gene traits called Genuity SmartStax corn.  It is the culmination of an astonishing scandal that has been steadily building over the past decade.  During this time Monsanto's mutated seeds have grown to 90% of the U.S. soy crop and 85% of the corn crop - and wheat is next on their agenda.  Their efforts have been marked by corporate bullying and have drawn the attention of the Justice Department who is conducting an antitrust investigation.  All the while they have been spending millions on lobbying to fast track their agenda before the American public even realizes what hit them.  Europeans are livid about the lack of safety testing for this newest Monsanto experiment.  Monsanto is making an ominous power play to corner the worldwide market on food and seeds.  In the process they are adversely altering the very nature of food itself.

Few people would eat Monsanto's "food" if they understood what it was or knew that they were eating it.  President Obama and his family won't eat it.  Neither did the Bush family.  Even a Monsanto employee cafeteria rejects it.  This is no laughing matter.  Your health and the health of your children and grandchildren are at stake.  It seems more like a scene from a horror flick than something happening in modern day America.  Imagine your digestive tract turned into a Roundup herbicide factory and other warped genetic signals slowly and progressively rotting away your health.  Unlike acute food poisoning from infectious E.coli, it is a slow and insidious poisoning. Why GMO Food is Dangerous

Monsanto's GMO (genetically modified organism) technology inserts non-food genes, genes from other species, into the DNA of food, altering the very nature of food itself.  In some cases these genes make the crops more tolerant to the Roundup herbicide made by Monsanto and in other cases the genes abnormally cause the DNA of food cells to produce toxic proteins that act as pesticides.

Most people are not comfortable with the concept of altering the nature of food in a grand genetic experiment with unknown consequences.  The idea of food producing its own internal toxin is equally abhorrent.  After all, who wants to eat toxic food?  Even fewer trust this technology in the hands of Monsanto, a company with a history of blatant disregard for human health.  It was Monsanto that knowingly poisoned the planet with toxic PCBs.

The process of making GMO seeds also poses health risks.  Viral promoter genes are used during this production process and become part of the DNA mix, posing a risk for new types of viral disease.  An unintended side-effect of this production technology is chronic activation or suppression of normal genes in the modified plants.  This alters the actual nutrient structure of food and the function of the proteins within that food - a very serious matter.

The entire process of producing GMO seeds is also unpredictable.  It creates multiple random genetic events in every food cell invaded by the mutant genes.  Because each gene doesn't just do one thing and is highly interactive with other genes, the production of GMO food is not consistent and therefore safety cannot be guaranteed - especially when you understand that our scientific knowledge of gene interdependencies is in its infancy.

Eating food that is mutated by other non-food species is a grand experiment to say the least.  GMO mutants can transfer to the living bacteria in your digestive tract, as has been shown in animal experiments.  This can adversely change the way your gut bacteria behave so that they create pesticides and become more resistant to your immune system and medical treatments.  If the GMO mutants were to transfer to an existing infection in your digestive tract then it could create your own superbug.