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Hemp Building Material Is the Perfect Sustainable Insulation

The use of hemp as a material is gaining speed across industries, including health and beauty, textiles, food and more. One of the industries that now utilizes it is in construction. Hemp can be used to create building materials such as hemp-clay bricks and hempcrete. One of the newest hemp innovations is using it as a form of building insulation. HempWool has been pioneered by Hempitecture, a non-woven materials manufacturer.

To start, Hempitecture uses hemp and its optimal carbon-sequestering abilities for healthy, high-quality construction products. Their mission is to use bio-based resources as alternatives to the synthetic and often toxic materials used across industries like construction.

Using their products like Hempcrete and HempWool, Hempitecture aims to maximize environmental sustainability through products with lower levels of embodied carbon. Embodied carbon is the total amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are generated to produce something.