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Hemp at the Crossroads

America’s hemp movement has come a long way in the past 25 years. Today, hemp CBD is experiencing its own day in the sun moment. Everywhere you turn, there’s a news story—from CVS rolling out hemp to 800 stores to Martha Stewart getting into CBD-infused pet products. In the coming decade, sales of hemp CBD are expected to rival those of vitamins.

Yet there’s a growing concern among conscious consumers about the fact that the hemp plant is a major bioaccumulator that concentrates pesticides and other contaminates. Shall we choose hemp CBD flowers grown in RoundUp-soaked non-organic soils, or select those grown on organically farmed land? Shall we support organic farmers or farmers that spray Monsanto chemicals?

Corn 2.0

Many of the current leaders in CBD, and new entrants including Canopy Growth and the recent Manitoba Harvest purchaser, Tilray, hail from the pot industry.

The pot barons bring with them a cowboy culture born from years of operating in the shadows of the black markets.

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