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Herbicidal Hell Unleashed on National Parks

Ah, the great outdoors, where we can experience the wonders of nature, walk amongst the trees, sink our toes into the dirt…but not, unfortunately, escape the spraying of toxic chemicals that make us sick. Many of us may be aware that glyphosate, the active ingredient in the popular herbicide Roundup as well as other products, is sprayed on agricultural crops, but lesser known is the fact that glyphosate-containing herbicides are regularly applied to national parks and forests. That our national parks are sprayed with this poison is a travesty. Science confirms that time spent in nature helps heal us, decreasing chronic disease risk among other benefits. In the modern world we are assaulted with toxic exposures almost everywhere. We need places where we can go to escape and heal; national forests should provide such a sanctuary, and now these areas, too, are being sprayed with poison. It has to stop.