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Here's Why U.S. Farmers Overwhelmingly Oppose Monsanto-Bayer Merger—and so Should You

The proposed merger is bad for everyone—except Bayer and Monsanto.

Farmers across the country, both organic and conventional, overwhelmingly oppose the proposed Bayer-Monsanto merger. A new poll and white paper released last month found that over 93 percent of farmers surveyed are concerned that the proposed merger will negatively affect independent farmers and farming communities.

Farmers already struggle with declines in income combined with increased expenses, and their income is only expected to fall further over the coming decade. Unable to make a living farming, farmers are leaving their land or turning to outside jobs.

Some people would argue that this is simply progress—that, while it's unfortunate to see independent American farmers move on to other jobs, it’s part and parcel of making our system more efficient, keeping food prices low for American consumers.

But is it really a sign of progress?

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