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Highly Recommended Spanish-English Bilingual Web Site on Biotech & Sustainable Ag

The Puerto Rico Project on Biosafety's blog ( is the only bilingual English-Spanish online resource devoted to critical perspectives on biotechnology- as well as closely related subjects like intellectual property rights, nanotechnology, biopiracy and sustainable agroecological alternatives.

In the last few days we gave the blog an overhaul. You'll notice it has a brand new look, plus most items are now tagged, which means that searches can now be made by subject, country and author. Tags include "Terminator", "Mexico", "Africa", "Synthetic Biology", "rBGH", "biofuels", "corn" and "soy".

The Puerto Rico Project on Biosafety needs your support! We are a small but determined action team/task force, a bilingual, multicultural endeavor to educate the people of the Americas on the issues of biotechnology, particularly genetically engineered organisms and products.

No, we're not 501 (c)3 yet, but since 2005 we are incorporated in the Puerto Rico State Department as a non-profit entity. Donations can be sent to our mailing address:

Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
Darlington Building, apt. #703
Munoz Rivera Avenue 1007
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00925-2723

(Please put my name in the envelope. The address is my home address, so I fear the smart alecky postman might send it back if he does not see my name on it.)

You can also transfer donations directly to our account in the La Borinqueña Savings Co-op. The account # is #151298 and the route number is 221-582-459.

Please feel free to ask us any questions about our organization. You can call (787) 771-4473 or email at

And please subscribe to our list server! I'm sure you'll find it most useful if you are interested in biotech issues. You'll be getting regular postings in both English and Spanish. Your feedback will be welcome too. To subscribe, just access the home page and follow the instructions.

Group name: Proyecto de Bioseguridad
Group home page:
Group email address: