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The Hip New Teen Trend is Leading the Climate Movement to Save the World

An upcoming nationwide school strike is being organized by three girls who are years away from being able to vote.

It’s a bright and chilly Friday and 13-year-old Alexandria Villasenor has been sitting in 40-degree cold for two and a half hours. The seventh-grader has come to the United Nations in Manhattan every Friday for 11 weeks, including during the polar vortex that hit the city a month ago, to protest climate inaction, a vigil that has earned her an enormous amount of attention.

She had made her first TV appearance earlier in the morning at CBS News studios before heading into a special briefing with the UN about participating in the upcoming Climate Change Summit. Later, she was greeted at her regular picketing spot by more press, including VICE, New York’s WPIX 11, and a Belgian TV crew. By noon, National Geographic had shown up with her lunch in tow (a sandwich and hot cocoa). It’s a lot to take in, but the soft-spoken teenager has carried herself surprisingly well.

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