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Homeopathy and National Health Freedom

As science continues to discover the marvelous mysteries of the universe, the power of homeopathy is being understood by many. For those who wish to examine the ever-changing ecosystem and its impact on the survival of the human race, research homeopathy. Homeopathy is a body of knowledge that will challenge and motivate deep exploration of all of the material elements of the universe and the ways in which they can be presented to bring balance and healing to the human experience.
That said, I am a lawyer, and the Director of Law and Public Policy for the National Health Freedom Coalition and National Health Freedom Action, and I constantly have to ask myself the question: Given that we live in a country based on the rule of law, how best can we design laws that take into consideration change, when populations or cultures move from one trusted and accepted understanding of the universe to new understandings. How do we change smoothly and without persecution and conflict, between old and new thought? My work with NHFC and NHFA and the health freedom movement focuses on this pivotal position; finding legal ways to protect both the age-old wisdom of the healing arts and the path of innovation and exploration in healing while, at the same time, honoring the dominant power structures put in place by governments that maintain existing ways of healing and the protection of its people.
Change is complex. And often change demands flexibility and compromise so that increments of change can be made. Sometimes change destroys age-old wisdom because of the excitement and social and financial benefits that new mechanisms introduce. Yet, at other times change enhances the understanding of former thought. For over five centuries the scientific community has debated about why people get sick and how to heal them. As Dana Ullman so succinctly states in his summary of Harris Coulter’s Divided Legacy “Whether the Rationalist or the Empirical school of medicine appears to be more appropriate does not depend upon which approach seems more scientific. It ultimately depends upon which set of assumptions, summarized above, the practitioner has about human beings, about the definition of health, about obtaining knowledge, and about understanding the universe.”
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