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How Are We Going to Win Our County Ban on GMOs?: Report from the Front Lines of Jackson County, Oregon

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Opponents to the Family Farms Measure have an unprecedented amount of campaign cash, and over 95% of it is from outside Jackson County. Sadly, it looks like they are ready to spend it on a campaign of scare tactics and misinformation.

Fitting into this strategy, Jackson County's Administrator prepared a report last week claiming that enforcing Measure 15-119 could cost $219,000. While the report included caveats such as, "I cannot assure ultimate accuracy of the cost projections," and the Administrator repeatedly said it was up to County Commissioners how much if anything to spend, the opposition to Measure 15-119 is already using the report to scare and mislead voters.

The serious errors, omissions and assumptions in the report make clear the report was pure politics and exactly the type of Political Bull we'll need your help to hold them accountable for.

Why Is the Report "Political Bull?"

1. It ignores the lack of enforcement costs in counties with similar laws.  The County Administrator entirely ignored the fact that the cost of enforcing measures similar to 15-119 in Mendocino, Santa Cruz and Marin Counties has been virtually zero. Santa Cruz County has an agricultural economy of over $500 million a year, about seven times the size of Jackson County's, with a restriction against growing genetically engineered crops in place since 2006. Santa Cruz County Agricultural Commissioner Mary Lou Nicoletti says that the county has virtually no enforcement costs.        
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