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How Black Farmers Are Trying to End Centuries of Racism in America's Food System

Prejudice, violence, and poverty have pushed black farmers off their land. A growing movement is calling for reparations.

When Keisha Cameron and her husband first started farming their 5 acres of land in Grayson, Georgia, in 2014, they worked the soil with what little they had: their arms, backs, shovels and rakes. They didn’t have the money for fencing or a motorized lawnmower. It took them two days just to cut the grass.

Cameron is the owner of High Hog Farm — a family-based operation that sells herbs, fruits, vegetables, poultry and pork. Last year, she signed up her farm to an online mapping tool created by Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm, a community farm in Petersburg, New York, focusing on tackling racism and injustice in the food system. The tool connects U.S. farmers of color who are calling for reparations to organizations and individual donors who pledge to support their work.

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