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How to Bring Minerals Back into the Soil and Food Supply

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There are now many studies clearly documenting that if you eat processed foods, you're being exposed to toxic herbicides. These toxic chemicals have been found in everything from breast milk to umbilical cords and placentas.

This of course means that children are now born with a chemical burden unknown to previous generations. What are some of the relatively unknown consequences of this exposure?

In this interview, Dr. August Dunning, chief science officer and co-owner of Eco Organics, helps answer this important question. His company specializes in mineral products for hydroponics and home gardens. More specifically, Dr. Dunning's expertise is in ionic mineral extraction from ocean water for use in sustainable agriculture.

While contraindicated for citrus, these mineral extracts can do "miracles" for most flowering plants, fruits, and vegetables. Dunning recounts one of his earliest experiences with his partner Pam McKenzie, which led to the formation of Eco Organics:

"We tried some of these ocean minerals on some roses in the backyard of her house in Bakersfield, California. At 105-degree heat, these almost-dead roses came back in full bloom in 21 days. We saw the power of mineralization in foods and decided to put a little company together."     
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