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How a False Hydroxychloroquine Narrative Was Created, and Much More

This is the most important article I ever wrote, because it cracks open the plandemic nut. Perhaps more appropriate, it lances the pandemic boil so all can see/smell the putridness inside.

I began writing on this subject on my blog in May 2020 and kept adding items. Because I only had 1,000 subscribers when I posted it to Substack in March, I am posting it again for the other 12,000 plus.

It is remarkable that a large series of events taking place over the past months produced a unified message about hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and produced similar policies about the drug in the US, Canada, Australia, NZ and western Europe.  The message is that generic, inexpensive hydroxychloroquine (costing only $1.00 to produce a full course) is dangerous and should not be used to treat a potentially fatal disease, Covid-19, for which there are no (other) reliable treatments.