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How Far Does Wheat Travel Before it Ends up in Your Cake Mix?

These analyzes are in a corporate tracking database from AgInfoLink, Inc. and reflect current, actual real-life steps in the "chains" that are typical in today's food systems. Food tracking has not been done historically, but over the last 5 years, food traceability is increasing significantly because of food security and other issues.

This is a real example, and obviously does not include the other ingredients:
                          MILES TRAVELED BY WHEAT FOR CAKE MIX
LOCATION                                               STEP                            MILES
Kearney, Nebraska                                  Grower                              0
Lexington, NE                                   Grain Coop Silo                        40
Tollesson, AZ                                          Flour Mill                           1206
Chicago, IL                                          Cake Mix Mfg                       1860
Salt Lake City                             Walmart Distribution Center       1406
Santa Fe NM                                      Walmart Store                        598     
                                      TOTAL                5,110