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How the Farm Bureau's Climate Agenda Is Failing Its Farmers

That agenda has left farmers ill-prepared to cope with effects of climate change—droughts, heat and storms—while neglecting a key climate solution.

The first in a series on agriculture, climate change and the American Farm Bureau's influence.

Donald J. Trump's inaugural crowd may not have been the biggest ever, but his parade drew lots of tractors that rumbled past the presidential reviewing stand in a farm lobby phalanx.

Zippy Duvall, president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, wearing the trademark red Trump campaign cap, drove one of them down Pennsylvania Avenue, just across the mall from his organization's headquarters.

"The farmers and ranchers and the people in the Rust Belt came out and paved the road for President-elect Trump to make it to the White House," he told a reporter from RFD-TV, the network that organized the cavalcade. "We are here reinforcing that strength that we showed in rural America when we went to the polls and helped send him here."

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