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How Finance Is Speculating on the Wheat Crisis

Vandana Shiva, president of Navdanya International, visited Italy in early June 2022 to present her latest book, From Greed to Care (Dall’avidità alla cura – Emi). The tour started in Naples and continued through Rome and Florence to Turin. In particular, the Indian activist was the guest  of the Berlingueriana event in Naples, of the Capital’s administration   and the Italian Buddhist Union (UBI) in Rome, and in Turin of Cinemambiente. We met her to talk about the global situation, rising inequalities and the worrying obesity figures released by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Global issues which have immediate repercussions on the local. This is the case with the war in Ukraine and the wheat crisis, but, Vandana Shiva warns, we must be very careful to avoid financial speculation on food. The Indian activist also dwells on the attempt to propose GMOs as a solution to the alleged food crisis and the organic law just approved by the Italian government.