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How Governments Crush Academic Dissent on Topics like GMOs, Pesticides and Toxicity of Chemicals

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With increasing frequency, legitimate scientific data is being squelched in favor of junk science created out of whole cloth by co-opted "researchers" who have become addicted to corporate and government money - funding that always comes with a predetermined set of "conclusions" that said researchers must agree with in order to continue on the dole.

That's unfortunate, because not only do such antics tarnish the field of science, but they also deny the general public access to important data and information which could dramatically improve their lives.

The proper role of science is explained by Professor Ian Boyd, chief scientific adviser at the UK's Department for Environment, who says scientists should be "the voice of reason, rather than dissent, in the public arena," but too many of them have literally been bought off to fulfill that function.

Writing for The Guardian newspaper in Britain, George Monbiot laments this confluence of profit-motivated science, in his own country and elsewhere:

Boyd's doctrine is a neat distillation of government policy in Britain, Canada and Australia. These governments have suppressed or misrepresented inconvenient findings on climate change, pollution, pesticides, fisheries and wildlife. They have shut down programs that produce unwelcome findings and sought to muzzle scientists. This is a modern version of Soviet Lysenkoism: crushing academic dissent on behalf of bad science and corporate power.   
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