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How Industrial Farming Is Harming Our Gut Microbiome

A greater number of us are becoming concerned about our health and the food we eat than ever before. While the driving factors that influence how and why we choose between different food options are complex, there are two questions that we should always be asking ourselves when shopping for food:

1. Where was this food produced?   
2. How was this food produced?

An awful lot takes place ‘behind the scenes’ of food production, and there are some intensive farming practices that could be seriously harming the make up of your gut bacteria – and your health in general.

What is Industrial Farming?
Industrial Agriculture – also known as Intensive or Factory Farming, came to prominence in the decades after World War II. A new system of agriculture was developed in the USA that significantly increased yield and decreased the cost of food production.

Through the expansion of highly efficient large-scale and intensive farming practices – such as single-crop farms and concentrated animal feeding operations – farmers were able to significantly increase their crop and livestock yields, resulting in more food at cheaper prices for consumers.