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How to Make Your Own Organic Baby Food

If genetically-modified and chemically-laden produce can cause adverse health effects in adults, imagine what it can do to an infant. Yet, many people who will buy their own organic produce also reach for conventional baby food when shopping for their little ones. Thankfully, making your own organic baby food is simple and can be quite enjoyable.

To make the best organic baby food, you will need to start with the best ingredients. If you can, grow it yourself. But if not, be sure to purchase the right produce. Buy local, organic produce whenever possible in order to maximize the nutritional benefits and freshness.

Local foods aren’t only more fresh, they support local organic farmers who are bucking the traditional system in an effort to bring you healthy food. If local organics aren’t an option, find a grocery store with a good selection of organic produce. When you get it home, no matter where it’s from, wash it well.

What Ingredients are Best?

The ingredients for your homemade organic baby food are simple: fresh produce. Some fruits and vegetables will need a little liquid added. If this is the case, choose breast milk in the event you are nursing. If not, you may use water.

To Cook or Not to Cook?

If the fruit or veggie you are using is hard (potatoes, apples, etc.), cook them just long enough to soften. Puree your produce, adding a little liquid if necessary. You don’t need the fancy baby food machine many retailers are hawking right now; a blender or food processor will work fine. With softer vegetables, like cooked sweet potatoes, even a fork will get the job done.

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