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How Modern Medicine Fails To Protect Children From Chronic Disease

Children’s health is getting worse. And it has been for decades.

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought about widespread changes to our daily lives, forcing us to reexamine our lifestyle and values in the wake of the crisis, it also brought widespread examination and criticism of our medical system.

Medicine has heralded the need for intervention to protect children from COVID-19. However, despite the startlingly low risk of COVID-19 for children (akin to the risk of being struck by lightning) and the harmful health effects of masking a child, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) pushed for masking children in schools, an approach The Atlantic criticized as flawed and based on shaky science.

Now health authorities are pushing the COVID-19 vaccines for children despite the questionable risk benefits to a demographic that has never been at risk for COVID-19 while downplaying potential hazards such as myocarditis.