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How to Organize a Millions Against Monsanto Rally or Action in your Area

Was there a Rally for the Right to Know in your area? You can organize your own picket line or rally, just pick a date that's good for you, even if it's just taking a clipboard and petition, a homemade sign and some fliers to your local grocery store. Here's what you need:

1. Print the petition.

The Millions Against Monsanto petition (PDF)

2. Print the leaflet.

GMO Consumer Warning Leaflet (PDF)

3. Publicize your event.

Create an Event for your Rally in Facebook and invite your friends. Click here for examples.

Post your event to the Rally for the Right to Know Facebook page.

AND/OR, send the info about your event to our Truth-In-Labeling Campaign organizers so we can post it to the Millions Against Monsanto page. All we need is the date, time, & location. We can link either to a Facebook Event or to your e-mail address for RSVPs.

4. Tell the media.

Find media contacts here. And here are Press Releases to use as an example.

5. After the event, share your photos & video.

Post photos to the Millions Against Monsanto Activist Photo Album.

Check out the Activist Photo Album.

Click here, find your local Facebook Chapter, and upload your pics and videos!

Contact OrganicConsumer on YouTube and we'll put your video in our "Favorites." OrganicConsumer on YouTube