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How To Issue Wildlife-Friendly Proclamations in Your Community

Wildlife and humans can and should co-exist in sustainable, healthy communities. Community leaders such as mayors, city councilors, county commissioners, and municipal staff across the country are making the connection between healthy, sustainable human communities and wildlife conservation by issuing wildlife-friendly proclamations that promote resident engagement around wildlife conservation and habitat restoration.

The National Wildlife Federation has released a new “Guide to Issuing Wildlife Friendly Proclamations.” This guide features three template proclamations, National Pollinator WeekGarden for Wildlife Month, and Mayors’ Monarch Pledge Day that any city or community in the nation can use. This guide can be found on the Mayors’ Monarch Pledge website along with the downloadable template and example proclamations. 

Authentic community engagement, awareness, and support is pivotal as we work collectively to reverse our current wildlife crisis. City leaders can help lead this by making a declaration of commitment to the health of both humans and wildlife.

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