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Huge Majority Wants GM Food Labeling

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Several recent polls have come to a resounding conclusion: the vast majority of consumers want GM foods labeled.

In The New York Times blog results, 83% say they are bothered by the presence of GMOs in food; 85% would like to see stricter regulations; and 89% want to see GMO foods labeled.

In Facebook and Twitter polls, 82% and 85% of respondents would choose not to buy food containing GMOs if they were labeled as such.

An MSNBC poll collected a total of 40,835 votes to the question, "Should GMO foods be labeled?" Of those, 95.9% (39,171 votes) said yes, it's an ethical issue and consumers should be informed so they can make a choice. Only 3.2% (1,322 votes) said no, the US government says they are safe and that's good enough for me.

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