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The Humane Society Says Pilgrim's Pride Is 'Scalding Fully Conscious Chickens'

The company’s “uncompromising commitment” allegedly includes some inhumane treatment, according to a complaint filed with the FTC.

More and more, American consumers want their food to come from animals who are “happy.”

What does that mean? Well, animal welfare advocates say it means egg-laying hens should have the freedom to spread their wings instead of being packed into cages. Mother pigs shouldn’t spend their lives locked up, immobilized in gestation crates. And broiler chickens should, at the very least, be afforded the privilege of a bit of space to move around, some natural light, and maybe even a bale of hay to jump up on. It means that all of them should be killed humanely, suffering as little pain as possible in the process.

Food producers that don’t make such accommodations are increasingly punished by shoppers. Chicken companies have taken notice, especially since commodity chicken prices are near record lows.

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