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Important Facts About Fluoride and Its Dangers

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People in the UK may want to pay special attention to the following issue. The Blackpool Council's Health and Wellbeing Board recently proposed adding fluoride to milk in its primary schools.

This so-called "dental milk" would ostensibly be introduced to promote dental health in school age children, since the town does not fluoridate its municipal water supplies. The proposal was supported by "an overwhelming majority."

The dental health in Blackpool children is said to be among the worst in the country, with 43 percent of 12-year olds having at least one unhealthy tooth,1 compared to 33.4 percent nationally.

Ten other areas of the UK have already introduced fluoridated milk to its students: St Helens, Knowsley, Wirral, West Cheshire, Manchester, Trafford, Leeds, Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster.

Councilor Tony Williams said parents should be given both sides of the argument before agreeing to let their children have fluoridated milk.

"I believe that just adding fluoride to school milk falls far short of the need to tackle the problem," he told the British Gazette. "Better school dental programs should also be introduced with an increase in school visits from NHS dentists and oral hygiene specialists.

"Most school children in Blackpool are now eating two breakfasts a day with the school serving including starch and syrup. Children should be allowed and encouraged to brush their teeth in school after every meal."

In response, cabinet member for health, Ivan Taylor, said that the council has not yet made any decision on the matter, but that they will be "testing the opinion of schools and anyone else that's interested." He also noted that parents would have the right to choose if they want their children to receive fluoridated milk or not.     
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