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Important New Book on the Bird Flu--'The Next Big Pandemic'--by Acclaimed Health Writer Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dear Organic Consumer,

Today the OCA is sending you an important announcement--about a soon-to-be-released book that can help you personally, help all of us in general, but that certain politicians and big businesses hope will NEVER hit the New York Times bestseller list.

This major new book by world-renowned physician and dietary expert Dr. Joseph Mercola is called The Great Bird Flu Hoax: The Truth They Don't Want You to Know About the 'Next Big Pandemic,' ­ and believe me, it covers SO MUCH MORE than just the bird flu.

Of course, protecting yourself and your family from diseases (truly epidemic ones like cancer and heart disease, as well as the extremely rare ones like bird flu) is vitally important and Dr. Mercola will show you exactly how to do that.

But this book's true power  and the reason OCA is recommending you to pre-order your copy through this amazing special opportunity you will read about below comes from exposing the HOAX perpetrated by the government, the drug companies, the giant food and agri-businesses, and the mainstream media - A hoax that diverts your attention away from the REAL health and societal crises they don't want you to know about.

And that's exactly WHY this book must achieve bestseller status - Because a best-selling nonfiction book gets EXPOSURES whether the media, politicians and big business like it or not.

The issues Dr. Mercola exposes in depth in this book include responsible agriculture, the systematic obliteration of small local farms, inhumane and unethical bird farms and other corporate animal farming, GMOs and big food corporations, pesticides/herbicides versus organics, and pending Big Pharma legislation, which may actually destroy the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution.

Yes, there are frightening truths THEY don't want you to know. And this major book finally blasts open all the doors, and when it hits the New York Times bestseller list it will FINALLY force these crucial issues into the mainstream media's spotlight.

Because you can play a crucial role in taking down the perpetrators of these frauds and deceptions, we're writing to ask you to pre-order your own copy of The Great Bird Flu Hoax .

In this fascinating and well-researched 240-page hardcover book (by preordering via the links in this email, you'll get 35% off the retail price it will be available for - PLUS over a dozen amazing bonus gifts), you'll discover:

-     How and why the media has deceived you about the bird flu (and why they're not talking about the far more serious threats to your health than any bird flu) ...

-     The real culprit in the spread of bird flu (hint: it's not the wild or migratory birds that are currently being blamed) ...

-     Who is really profiting the most from the bird flu panic (you will be quite surprised ... and you will learn why they are intent on misdirecting attention away from true public health issues) ...

-     How you can protect yourself and your family from any disease -- even the bird flu -- by simply and easily modifying your body's natural defense system ...

-     Why any bird flu vaccine is virtually guaranteed to fail (after billions of dollars are paid to certain key pharmaceutical giants just to stockpile worthless drugs) ...

-     How the bird flu scare is similar to previous alarms that never materialized (remember swine flu, Ebola, West Nile virus, SARS, and anthrax?) ...

-     Find out how major meat and other food producers are using the threat of terrorism to enforce oppressive federal regulations to snuff out their small farm competition (if you allow this to proceed unchecked, you'll lose your ability to obtain truly healthy meat) ...

-     The devious "bag of tricks" big corporations use to distort the media (you'll see how they manipulate your view of reality so they can control your behavior to make the most profit) ...

-     The one common risk factor that nearly everyone infected with bird flu has (you probably don't have it, but they don't want you to know this) ...

-     How new legislation being pushed through by the big drug companies may be the consumer's worst nightmare (and may actually destroy the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution) ...

-    The MOST devious tricks corporations use to distort the media to manipulate your view of reality in their ongoing attempt to control your behavior for THEIR profit

-     And much, much more ...

Now, if you don't know who Dr. Mercola is, he's a world-renowned physician, activist and New York Times bestselling author of several books, including Dr. Mercola's Total Health Program.

His website is the most-visited natural health site on the entire internet - dedicated to transforming the current medical system from one reliant on "band-aid" methods that only conceal or remove specific symptoms, to one focused on treating and preventing the underlying causes of disease. Dr. Mercola is truly a friend to the Organic Consumer.

And, not only will you get a great discount on this easy-to-read book that blows the lid off the "far too cozy" relationships between the government, the media, big drug companies, giant agri-businesses and research institutions...   

But through a special arrangement by clicking the links on this page, you will get over a dozen health-& success-enhancing resources -- all F-R-E-E -- when you pre-order just one copy of The Great Bird Flu Hoax (this makes your small investment virtually cost-free). Just follow this special link:

The truth is that OCA has a goal to help Dr. Mercola reach bestseller status with this new book. This is vital, because this book DESERVES to hit the New York Times bestseller list as you will see, PLUS when it does it will force these important issues into the mainstream media's spotlight - ultimately helping us all take a giant step closer to more responsible medicine, more responsible journalism, more responsible government, and more responsible agriculture.

And don't forget, ONLY by ordering through website, here are just a few the F-R-E-E bonus gifts (valued at over $114.71) you will get instantly:

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The Booklet for Maximized Living by Body by God author Dr. Ben Lerner
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So if you:

1)    Are interested in protecting yourself and your family from the dangerous hype perpetrated by certain big business and government forces (and learning a ton of shocking and important secrets about them that Dr. Mercola, working with researchers and an investigative journalist, have exposed)

 2)    Learning the most important strategies to improve your health from one of the world's most renowned and respected dietary physicians

 3)    Getting 35% off the price the book will normally be sold for PLUS all the INSTANT amazing and informative health and wellness bonuses you will read more about

Then learn more and order your copy of The Great Bird Flu Hoax today at


Ronnie Cummins,
National Director,
Organic Consumers Association

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