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Indiana County Slated for Mega Hog Expansion

In December, the 12-member Planning Commission of Randolph County, Indiana, voted unanimously to endorse an ordinance that would create a so-called “agricultural district” across 75 percent of Randolph County specifically for the construction of industrial livestock operations.
Over 50 opponents filled the meeting room to comment on the proposed ordinance, and at least another 50 were forced to stand in the hallway because the room was too crowded for them to enter.

The Commission voted against allowing public comment at this meeting. Commission member Todd Schroeder declared that he had heard enough from the public and joined the vote against public comment.

The proposed ordinance would turn 220,000 acres of the nearly 290,000 acres in the county into an industrial park for confined animal feeding operations by creating an intensive agricultural district.

In 2006 Randolph County’s hog population grew by over 126,000 hogs. Last year nearly 38,000 more hogs were added. Maxwell Foods of Goldsboro, North Carolina, has been expanding into the region because of excess pork production in North Carolina.