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Indiana Governor Says Critics of Factory Farm Agriculture Are 'Eco-terrorists'

MUNCIE -- Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels and several Hoosier agricultural  organizations are firing back in the public relations battle over  concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

The Indiana Soybean Board last month inserted an eight-page brochure  into the Hartford City News-Times promoting livestock and exposing  common myths about CAFOs. The brochure includes a letter from the  governor, who wants to double Indiana's pork production.

The brochure debunks "common myths," such as, "Modern livestock farms  produce huge amounts of waste that pollute our water," "Corporate  farms have taken over the family farm," and "Large farms are bad for  the community ... and the animals' well-being."

According to CAFO opponents, the Animal Agriculture Alliance (AAA) and  the American Feed Industry Association, which share offices in  Arlington, Va., are behind the campaign.

"The Animal Agriculture Alliance is calling everybody terrorists who  says they shouldn't be building hog barns," said Idaho economist  William Weida, director of New York-based GRACE Factory Farm Project,  which has been helping East Central Indiana citizens confront CAFOs.

AAA is co-sponsoring the Midwest's first anti-terrorism training  course focusing on the threats that international and domestic  terrorists, especially animal rights extremists, pose to the  livestock, restaurant and research industries.

In announcing the training course (Oct. 17-18 in Columbus, Ohio), AAA  reported that GRACE (Global Resource Action Center for the  Environment) had conducted "anti-agriculture activist training  sessions" for residents of East Central Indiana.

"Incited by GRACE activists' inflammatory rhetoric, some extreme  elements of the anti-agriculture movement may take matters into their  own hands," AAA said in a news release. "Documents recovered from  al-Qaeda training camps indicate that the USA's food supply is a  high-priority target. Domestically, terrorist/activists within our own  borders have declared war on modern food and agriculture."

Contact news reporter Seth Slabaugh at 213-5834.

Originally published September 7, 2006

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