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Indiana Has a Polluted Reputation. Here's How Bad It Is.

When it comes to the environment, Indiana has a polluted reputation.

Look no further than Hoosiers' dependence on the automobile and the lack of investment in public transit. Or at the coal-fired power plants in southwest Indiana, whose pollution is carried by easterly winds across the rest of the state and beyond.

And all of that takes a toll on our health, according to Paul Halverson.

"I’m a Hoosier by choice, I love Indiana, but we’ve got some substantial health challenges," said Halverson, dean of the Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI. "We have got to wake up and recognize that we are going the wrong way."

Halverson is among many sources who over the past several months have lamented to IndyStar about the state of Indiana's environment and its effects on public health. But just how bad is it? 

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