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Insect Populations Are Shrinking. Big Agriculture and Climate Change Are To Blame

Insect populations are taking a hit around the globe, and climate change and Big Ag may be to blame. 

According to a study conducted by University College London (UCL), the combination of rising temperatures due to climate change and land-use changes are directly linked to widespread losses in insect species around the world. 

The study, published in Nature, found that changing temperatures and “intensive agricultural land use” in the most impacted parts of the world (tropical regions, according to the research) are already responsible for a reduction in insect numbers. 

In areas with both high-intensity agriculture and substantial temperature increases, researchers found the number of insects was 49 percent lower than populations in natural habitats in areas without notable climate warming. 

And insect populations are already in peril. In 2019, Biological Conservation released a report stating that 40 percent of all insect species are declining globally, which is bad news for crops.