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Inside Navdanya Farm - Regenerative Agriculture Gathering

Today’s General Meeting of Regeneration International, hosted at Navdanya’s Earth University saw people from all over the world coming together to examine strategies and solutions to scale up the regeneration movement.

The event started with a tour of Navdanya Biodiversity conservation farm, Seed Bank and Earth University.

Drona Chetri, coordinator of courses at the institute, explained how “the biggest agenda after the Green Revolution was to have high yielding crops, not for the local economy, not for the national economy, not even for the country, but to export more, so that India could be a ‘developed’ country too, to have more money. Just before the Green Revolution India had about 2 millions varieties of rice. The Green Revolution wiped out almost everything. Navdanya has been able to save about 5,000 varieties. Just in this Seed Bank at the farm we are saving 1,500 of them, of which 735 are actually been grown right here at the farm, right now.

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